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Intuitive Reading


The Moon Oracle





The Moon Oracle
Certified Tarot Reader

The Moon Oracle is an intuitive and certified tarot reader. By using tarot and oracle cards as divination tools to connect with Source, the Moon energy and the Universe she is able to empower clients in their self-esteem, self-love and universal love; help harness individual's unique energy to manifest and co-create with the Universe; and dive in deep into individual's soul path to raising their vibrations and uncovering blockages that may hinder their growth and personal development.


The Moon Oracle Art focuses on creating therapeutic paintings that captures layers of deep emotions and transmutation of energy. The paintings display the artist's imperfections in which makes oneself authentic and unique. Each handcrafted painting infuses intention oils, crystals and meditation to manifest one's desires. The artist dreams of creating a fun business that revolved around connecting individuals to reflect on love and happiness in a form of artistic expression.

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