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Clairvoyant and Empath, I have friends on the other side. I channel my energy to the Universe and the Divine. All I got was, “Wait, have patience in this connection, divine one.” “It’s not yet time,”whispered the archangel Michael. There’s a soul lesson to be learn in this karmic cycle.

The toxicity draws close to this bond. Hatred, jealousy, and dark energy don’t phase me. My angels are savages. Slaying demons poisoning the sacred tree. They hold the truth and appear under divine timing. They came to fix the damages. But when you disobey their messages, there’s another thing coming

Wishing you were the one dead when judgement comes calling. Tower falling, the karmic wheel turning. You see your life burning. Now you left alone in the cold, that karmic had drained your energy. Once again the karmic became an enemy. Running away with your pentacles. Once an Emperor on a pedestal.

Now left with regret, you knew you should’ve chose the divine. But you were scared of love, that wasn’t a lie. With the ace of sword, you’ve severed that tie. This soulmate connection dies, that’s when dove cries. Purple rain, Prince’s words resonates. Purple illumination, the third eye awakes Crystal clear, I use them when I meditate.

Acknowledge your mistakes. I got some decision and choices, I know what to make. All I ask for is balance, equal give and take. All I did was pour water into your cup without asking for a taste. You treated me like an option and took for granted my trust

Entertaining those mistress that don’t match up to an Empress. Level up to this Empress, the queen of all queens. But mess with her, you should be careful and come right or else she gets mean

Shake my head, what did you just say? “Roses are red, violets are blue, I know I messed up, what do I do?” Off with your head, Queen of Hearts is my charm. You should’ve known better, I got that Queen tattooed on my arm.

Unblock your heart chakra. Meditate on this mantra. Release your thoughts and emotions. You can no longer control them. At peace in this moment, I’ve been told the truth. About the secret connection between me and you.

All we have to do is surrender and give in. It’s the divine timing again. I won’t forget the past feelings and the pain you’ve caused. Let’s end this karmic cycle by forgiving, once and for all.


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